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The Classic Boot

December 19, 2014

Sometimes simple is perfect. Loving these classic brown cowboy boots. A nice leather boot with subtle accents perfect for almost any occasion. Ready to put a little cowboy in you?

Happy Happy Holidays!

December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving was already here and gone. Christmas is getting closer and we'd like to wish you all a cowboy boot filled Happy Happy Holidays! Hope y'all enjoy a fabulous time with your families! Plus is a great time to rock some boots!!!

Lovely Cowgirl Boots

December 9, 2014

Extra tall women's cowgirl boots are really starting to win over my heart. Problem is I am far to short the wear them. :( I particularly love the boots second from the right. Tall, sexy with a fabulous and gorgeous pattern!

The Circle of Boots

December 9, 2014

Great cowboy and cowgirl boots display. The circle of boots readers. My obsession just wouldn't be the same with out people around the world sharing photos of boots! You keep me and my heart going everyday!

Rocketbuster Cowboy Boots

December 9, 2014

Check out this Rocketbuster cowboy boots display from the NFR rodeo in Las Vegas. Some gorgeous and stunning cowboy boots and you can buy them online! Click the link above to browse Rocketbuster boots and maybe pop on a pair!!!

Love Love the Outfit

December 4, 2014

Omg I posted this photo to Facebook earlier today and just needed to share it on our website. This girl is gorgeous and creativity + style is amazing! Love her boots, scarf and accessories. The turquoise necklace is gorgeous! Submit some country western outfits that you like!

Pretty Brown Boots

December 3, 2014

Quick post then off too bed. Another fabulous find on Instagram. You girls like these pretty brown cowgirl boots? I think they look fabulous. Sometimes the simpler the better for me!

Miranda Lambert Silver Boots

December 2, 2014

Oh I love Miranda Lambert and her fabulous style! Not to mention she is such a role model for young women everywhere! I'm loving her silver cowgirl boots too! I had no idea she had her own line at Country Outfitter. I'm totally buying a pair of these beautiful cowgirl boots!

Sexy Extra Tall Boots

December 2, 2014

Its been a chilly, damp, rainy and dreary day here in Nashville. Flipping around the internet looking for cowboy boots I found this extra tall sexy gems! Ladies I think you are going to love these! It makes me sad that I'm too short to wear these :( They'd cover me knees! Ha

Cowgirl Boots + Roses

December 2, 2014

Sometimes you just find a photo that catches your eye and here it is. A simple, sexy pair of brown cowgirl boots on a reclaimed wood table with a mason jar of gorgeous pink roses. Well done you country star, well done!

The Evolution of Cowboy Boots

October 22, 2014

Boot lovers check out this fabulous info graphic that tracks the evolution of cowboy boots! These thing is comprehensive and is a great educational visual resource showcasing cowboy boots, wear they came from and where they are going! Take a look and please share!!!

Just Another Day

October 22, 2014

Just another day at work rocking gorgeous cowgirl boots. Love finding these amazing photos of people around the world wearing cowboy boots proud! Do you own a pair? A lot of people don't! Maybe it's time to buy some boots guy!!!

Boots and Cute Dog

October 9, 2014

Found this photo on Pinterest and just had to share it. A cute dog relaxing on the floor of a cowboy boot store. If his cute face can't convince you to buy some boots I don't know what will!

Allen’s Boots Austin

October 9, 2014

Allen's Boots in Austin is a cowboy and cowgirl boot institution. Just wanted to share the fabulous vintage sign with you. Check out there website and if you're in town visit!

Rows, Rows and Rows of Boots

October 9, 2014

Check out this gorgeous photo taken inside Allen's Cowboy Boots in Austin, Texas. Thousand of cowboy boots in rows, after rows and more rows. Have never been there but plan on getting their soon and checking it out! Wonder how great it must smell in there!!!

Carved and Painted Cowboy Boots

October 9, 2014

Check out these amazing and gorgeous carved and painted cowboy boots! How stunning are they and just imagine the craftsmanship that went into these stunning custom boots. I can only dream of how much they cost. Sure wouldn't mind pulling this babies onto my feet!

Sexy Cowgirl Boots

September 24, 2014

Headed to the Jason Aldean concert? This girl is in sexy cowgirl boots. Bet she is going to dance all night and have some fun. Surely will be turning some heads tonight. The country boys love a girl in boots!
Boot Country Nashville

Boot Country Nashville

September 24, 2014

Was walking Broadway in Nashville last month and of course I had to stop at the Ryman Auditorium and BOOT COUNTRY. Thousands of pairs of gorgeous men's and women's cowboy boots that are BUY ONE PAIR GET ONE PAIR FREE! So hard too choose all the boots in the store. Thankfully by husband was their to push me along! If you haven't been to Nashville get there! You are missing out!!!

Vintage Cowboy Boots

July 11, 2014

Nothing better than doing a little thrift store shopping for some vintage cowboy boots. I personally love window shopping beautiful aged boots and even buying a few pair! Just grabbed a few photos of some vintage babies that are looking glorious in their old age. With much life left!
turquoise corral cowgirl boots

Corral Turquoise Cowgirl Boots

June 28, 2014

Lovin this turquoise cowgirl boots from Corral. The color is amazing and the white embrotiery is beautiful. They are available at Country Outfitters for $179. Pretty decent price for a quality pair of women's boots. Search Google you might even find a coupon too!