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Kelsea Ballerini cowboy boots + flannel

December 19, 2016

How amazing does country superstar, singer and songwriter Kelsea Ballerini look in cowboy boots and buffalo print flannel? She's so beautiful, love her music too :)

The Naked Cowboy from New York City. ROFL

December 8, 2016

I have no idea why I am sharing this but...he....the New York City Naked Cowboy really makes me laugh my ass off. LOL no pun intended. He prances around NYC almost 24/7 in cowboy hat, whitey tighties and cowboy boots playing a guitar for anyone that will listen...well and tip! Lately he has been spending most in time in Trump Tower serenading politicians, celebrities and the secret service. Haha you cannot make this stuff up :) What ya think of his but ladies???

Aztek print cowboy boots

December 8, 2016

Hey y'all check out these Aztek print cowboy boots :) You like? They are available at Country Outfitters!

Vintage Jack Daniels cowboy boots

September 16, 2016

Y'all check out these vintage Jack Daniels cowboy boots I found on Pinterest. How amazing are they? Look very well taken care of too. Maybe a little mink oil? Shit I am just typing and staring at these cowboy boots. Have a great weekend y'all :)

Tony Lama Red Butterfly Boots

September 14, 2016

Oh how I love these vintage red Tony Lama cowboy boots with butterfly inlay. So so sexy they are :) They are available at High Class Hillbilly vintage shop in Nashville, Tennessee. Do y'all like them? Well taken care off too...

Miranda Lambert Leather Cowboy Boots

August 21, 2016

Miranda Lambert looking fabulous in tan leather cowboy boots during Spread The Love Tour stop in Detroit, Michigan. Love the accents!!! Wonder what brand they are?

Boots & Motorcycles

April 13, 2016

Love this photo. Cowboy boots and a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle. Makes my yearn for the open road!!! Anyone wanna give me a ride? My boots are ready :)

well loved vintage cowboy boots

April 13, 2016

Just love these vintage cowboy boots. They are for sale in Asheville, North Carolina. Photo was submitted by a reader! Thank you so much!!!

Vintage cowboy boots, flea market finds

April 7, 2016

Its finally flea market season around the USA and they are often the BEST places to find affordable vintage cowboy boots! The Nashville flea market is amazing and has many booths selling vintage boots that still have years of life left. Some people oil them up...others leave them alone. They like the vintage cowboy boot patina! Go get yourself a pair!!!

Take your pick boot lovers !!!

April 7, 2016

Is there anything better than a entire store 100% devoted to cowboy boots? New, used, vintage...they got it all. The smell is amazing, I can spend hours in there and $$$. Take your pick of some stylish cowboy and cowgirl boots that you can wear with anything. This is my happy place!

Gettin the boots ready to roll

April 7, 2016

It's vacation time y'all so get your boots ready to roll. Headed to Dodge City? Destin, Florida? The redneck yacht club...grab your cowboy boots and rock and roll. Like the red glittery boots?

Take Your Pick

June 30, 2015

Another gorgeous photo I found online searching social media for cowboy and cowgirl boots. Its a bright one and I am really digging the black leather boots on the right. Looks like almost neon accents. Would love to line dance at a few honky tonks wearing those babies. Fourth of July is just around the corner y'all...get ready to kick the dust up!!!

Handmade Women’s Boots

June 30, 2015

I like these ;) Handmade some more quality women's boots on sale for $399. Not a bad price for gorgeous cowgirl boots that are top of the line and top notch quality. I haven't quit fallen in love with them but maybe someday. A rainbow full of gorgeous colors on these boots. Check'em out!!!

Gook Luck Cowboy Boots

June 30, 2015

Take a look at these good lick cowboy boots. Handmade in Texas from full grain leather these babies will last you a lifetime. Not much into the super flashy cowboy boots but some folks are. Sure like sharing the photos though they are gorgeous!

Boot Day at the Office

February 12, 2015

Quick little post before happy hour how about these sexy Old Gringo cowboy boots at the office? Feet kicked up chillin just waiting to run on outta here! Cheers y'all and have a fabulous day!

Old Gringo Marrione Boots

February 12, 2015

Holy smokes check out these beautiful Old Gringo marrione women's cowgirl boots. I can't imagine how expensive they must be but wow are they stunning. Too bad the hubby didn't win the Powerball last night. I'd certainly have a pair then! Oh but I still love him!!!

Wedding Day Cowboy Boots

February 11, 2015

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of wearing cowboy boots on my wedding day. 20 years later of course I did and I felt so amazing. Walking down the aisle in my cowboy boots it was hard to think clearly as I accepted my man's hand in marriage. Girls wear cowboy boots on your wedding day! It's the perfect choice for us cowgirls at heart!

Fab Girls Night Out

February 11, 2015

Oh ya girls its been a fabulous night of line dancing all night to country western music down her on Broadway. Its time to put our cowgirl boots in and snap one more photo before bedtime. Thanks for a fab girls night out!

Nashville Cowboy Boot Shop

January 17, 2015

In Nashville this weekend? Find yourself some cowboy boots on Broadway! There are numerous stores and aisles and aisles of boots waiting to find your feet. A lot of the Nashville boot stores even have buy one pair get one free deals! Huge tourist destination now! Check Nashville out!

Kickin Back

January 17, 2015

Work week coming to an end time to put the feet up, kick back and relax. What's on the agenda for the weekend? It is Saturday and time to pull off the cowgirl boots and enjoy brews!!!